Better Life

Better Life is a health and wellness program for people who require medical treatment or therapy.The program budget is USD 10,000 per annum and shared among underprivileged patients who can’t afford medical treatment, operation surgery or doctor’s professional therapy for rehabilitation. The patients funded and cared for under this program are given priority to SMART’s employee families or occupants in the local work community.

In 2019, three of SMART’s employee families received financial assistance from Better Life program. The three medical operations successfully supported by the program included a heart surgery, knee replacement and eye treatment.

Additionally in 2020, two of SMART employee families and one local resident from Bago Division received financial assistance from Better Life program. Two of SMART employee families completed a successful operation in heart surgery and abdominal surgery. A local resident from Bago Division had an effective hip replacement surgery and physiotherapy consultation for post-operation.

About Us

One of the SMART Group of Companies , SMART Electrical Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. For well over decade, SMART has been supplying quality products and quality services to foreign customers and local customers in Myanmar. SMART has been recognized as market leader in Myanmar and has enjoyed high reputation among the customers. All the teams are headed by well experienced and competent leaders.


Each day, our teams from the 5 companies are committed to help our customers in different industries with their various needs and assure they acquires the quality products and services SMART Electrical promises to provide. We’re looking for highly motivated men and women to join our family in this effort.

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