COVID -19 Awareness

SMART Electrical Co., Ltd. complied with all COVID- 19 related rules and regulations regulated by MOHS.

The following rules are as follows…

1)    Putting Mask

2)    Measuring temperature of all in and out from the office

3)    Spraying anti-bacterial at all corners of the office

4)    Washing hands and hand sanitizing awareness initiative

5)    Avoiding any large groups assembly

6)    Avoiding under six feet in distance in any possible circumstances

7)    Taking initiative to make social media approach campaign and online distance meeting, while trying to postpone any Marketing events, Client visit and etc. during the lock down period.

8)    Sharing MOHS related news, updates and regulation on the company’s social media group chat for all employee to further understand about situation with up to date knowledge.

9)    Sharing COVID- 19 awareness (Do & Don’t) along before and after scenario about its consequences.

10)  Providing ferry transportation to all staffs. Providing Grab Taxi for all company drivers along with extra mask, hand gel and glove during lock down condition.

About Us

One of the SMART Group of Companies , SMART Electrical Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. For well over decade, SMART has been supplying quality products and quality services to foreign customers and local customers in Myanmar. SMART has been recognized as market leader in Myanmar and has enjoyed high reputation among the customers. All the teams are headed by well experienced and competent leaders.


Each day, our teams from the 5 companies are committed to help our customers in different industries with their various needs and assure they acquires the quality products and services SMART Electrical promises to provide. We’re looking for highly motivated men and women to join our family in this effort.

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