About Our HR

SMART dedicates its time and resources to invest in its people for their health, safety, and capacity building. It’s important that all employees at SMART are given equal and limitless opportunities for sustainability. SMART annually is creating jobs opportunities both in Yangon and other Regions (i.e. Kyaukphyu, Kanbauk, Minbu, Magwe, etc.)  Below is our HR data for both the Yangon Head office and other Project Base Regions.

Creating Equal Opportunities& Respecting Human Rights

All of our employees are expected to treat each other professionally, based on mutual respect, trust and individual value. We shall provide equal employment opportunities and equal employment related decisions for hiring, evaluation, promotion, training, development, discipline, compensation and termination. We are to treat all job applications and employees without illegal bias. No one at SMART should ever be subject to illegal discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, disability, ethnic origin & political preference. All employees should understand the value of diversity and never discriminate. The company recruits based on qualification of a bachelor, skills and relevant work experience.

The Company’s Human Rights policy ensures that we will be especially aware of potential human rights issues in sensitive operating environments. The Company has a responsibility to respect human rights, and can also play a positive role in the communities where we work. We treat all employees with respect and dignity and promote diversity in the workplace.

Safe Working Environment

Protecting people and environment is a key value of SMART. We are committed to working in a way that places the highest priority not only on our own safety but also on the safety of our co-workers and our community. Each one of us is responsible for our Health, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibilities (HESS) quality. Line managers take part in an important role of communicating and implementing our HESS policy and Standards and making sure that their teams comply.

The company has a medical fit to work policy for all its employees. New employees can only be recruited if they have passed the medical test and are fit to work. Employee medical test are renewed annually for further employment. All employees when required must wear proper uniform and correct personal protective equipment for work. All operating vehicles in our work environment are ensured with safety belts and all passengers must wear a safety belt for protection, while riding the vehicle. There is a stop work policy in which we stop work when we believe is unsafe and immediate report must be made to the line management. It’s everyone’s responsibility to report any accident, injury, unsafe acts and conditions. HESS audit lead by the HESS Manager is conducted quarterly every year and is reported to line management for safety improvement and corrective action.

Trainings to Develop Capacity Building

SMART is committed to recruit and train a talented workforce prepared for the Oil & Gas industry. Every new employee is required to attend an orientation and compliance training on SMART’s Code of Conduct. All employees are requested to read the SMART’s Code of Conduct and pledge to understand SMART’s policies and guidelines in doing business. Employees are issued a copy of the SMART’s Code of Conduct for their personal reference.

SMART is willing to provide and encourage the expenses for attending trainings and courses to improve their career paths. SMART also arranges and provides In House Trainings and inviting the technicians and professionals to give training to the employees.

There are also other trainings in both hard and soft skills to develop the employee’s career such as for English Language, Health, Safety, Environmental, Human Rights, Leadership &Managerial Skills. There were 16 trainings conducted in Years 2019-2020 in the following area

Employee Welfare

We are dedicated to take care of our people by offering them employment benefits such as leave entitlement, health insurance, medical allowance, child allowance, travelling allowance, phone allowance and performance sales bonus. SMART provides daily lunch or food allowance to all its employees during working days. There is also a company in-house doctor/nutritionist to advise all employees for their health and meal plans.

We value the happiness and well being of our Employees by organizing enjoyable activities such as Welcome Parties for Newcomers, Farewell Parties for Ex-Employees, Family Day, Annual Staff and Christmas Parties. We sincerely appreciate loyal and senior staff by presenting them with Seniority Pin Awards for their years of excellent services.In 2019, there were 3 senior pin award recipients for 10 Years and 8 senior pin award recipients for 5 Years. In 2020, there was 1 senior pin award recipient for 10 Years and 1 senior pin award recipient for 5 Years.

We also care to recognize outstanding employee performances as well by presenting Best Employee of the Year Award, Best Customer Service, Best Sales Revenue Target Achieved, Best Teamwork, Best Support, Best Safety Record and Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative.

Arrange for Cafeteria

SMART arranges for Cafeteria for the employees to have lunch, foods, coffee & tea and a place to rest in a break time. In Cafeteria, providing lunch, coffee and drinking water and always keep cafeteria in clean condition.

Providing Healthcare Facilitation

There are First Aid Kits, in house doctor in an office.

Every permanent employee can get 200,000 Kyats of Annual Medical Allowance.

Help and provide subsidies for the employees for their social issues as social welfare.

Providing safety workplace

For the employees can walk safely, SMART keep the floor, stair, staircase and path in safe conditions. Keep the fire extinguishers in every corner of the office. Install the emergency lights in stairways.

Providing Facilitation of Clean Workplace

SMART is priority to provide clean and hygiene workplace for the valuable employees to work in neat and tidy working environment.

Providing the following facilities in office as below;

  • Providing office desk, chairs in clean and tidy.
  • Assigned cleaners are cleaning floors in office area daily.
  • Providing desk bin for the waste in office area.
  • To get freshness, providing good enough ventilation.
  • There are windows to get sunlight in office.
  • Providing enough purified drinking water in an office.
  • Keep toilet always clean in office.

About Us

One of the SMART Group of Companies , SMART Electrical Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. For well over decade, SMART has been supplying quality products and quality services to foreign customers and local customers in Myanmar. SMART has been recognized as market leader in Myanmar and has enjoyed high reputation among the customers. All the teams are headed by well experienced and competent leaders.


Each day, our teams from the 5 companies are committed to help our customers in different industries with their various needs and assure they acquires the quality products and services SMART Electrical promises to provide. We’re looking for highly motivated men and women to join our family in this effort.

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