Policy Statements

Our Policy Statement relates to Health, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility matters and are based upon the requirement set by authorities, quality requirements set by our clients/customers and we will strive constantly to improve our own principles and objectives, in so doing ensure quality in all our disciplines. We accept the aims and provisions of the Health,Environment & Safety at Work Act and all regulations made.

Our aim is to gain external independent recognition of quality by achieving certification and thereafter will actively apply the Standard by continuously seeking to improve the service offered to our clients/customers. We are committed therefore to:

  • Developing a positive Health, Environment, Safety & Social Responsibilities culture throughout the organization.
  • Constantly seeking the requirements of social responsibilities and fulfilling in accordance with the company goals.
  • Developing organizational structures appropriate to meeting those objectives in each section of our business.
  • The systematic identification and control of risks to Health, Environment & Safety.
  • Providing the information, instruction, supervision and consultation with staffs and clients as necessary to implement and maintain high standards of Health, Environment & Safety.


We continually work in partnership with our clients to provide and maintain safe and safety working practices. We also work to promote positive policies regarding Health & Environment concerns at work. Each employee is responsiblefor ensuring strict adherence to the company’s policies.

  • Employee must not take any action that endangers them or any other employee, clients or other persons having access to the are awe manage and occupy.
  • The whole policy will be kept under constant review and amended whenever necessary.
  • For all reference to Chairman inthis and other procedures, reference should in the absence of the Chairman be to the Company Representative.

About Us

One of the SMART Group of Companies , SMART Electrical Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. For well over decade, SMART has been supplying quality products and quality services to foreign customers and local customers in Myanmar. SMART has been recognized as market leader in Myanmar and has enjoyed high reputation among the customers. All the teams are headed by well experienced and competent leaders.


Each day, our teams from the 5 companies are committed to help our customers in different industries with their various needs and assure they acquires the quality products and services SMART Electrical promises to provide. We’re looking for highly motivated men and women to join our family in this effort.

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