HESS Management System

Our first HESS MS started in 2005 and in 2007 we reviewed and modified our HESS MS with guidance of our Chairman. In accordance with the Company needs, we made our HESS documentation our self based on our 10 years experiences & practices and also learned from our valued clients. So that our HESS Management System is pratical and most of our employees are alrady familiar with the system.

It does include 5 Elements.

  1. HESS Management System (Includes Policies, Objectives, Leadership & Commitment, Safety Rules, Organization Chart, Responsibilities and Communication System)
  2. HESS Manual (Rules and procedures applied in company activities)
  3. Office Emergency Evacuation Procedures (Procedure when an emergency occurs)
  4. Waste Management Procedures (Procedure to handle different kind of waste to protect environmet)
  5. LIVE GREEN Procedures ( Procedure to live in harmony with nature to reduce carbon emission and to reduce green house effect). In 2011 & 2012, we reviewed and modified again our HESS MS and our latest revision HESS MS came out with the addition of following elements in accordance with international standards to eliminate or minimise HSE risk to not only our employees but also our subcontractors, vendors, other stakeholders and the environment.
  6. Work Permit Procedure (Permit to work procedure for all high risk non-routine tasks and operation)
  7. Stop Work Procedure (Procedure for all personnel in the company that they are given the responsibility and authority to stop work when they believe that a situation exists at risk or in danger)
  8. Personal Protective Equipment Procedure (Procedure in Personal Protective Equipment for all personnel worked with SMART Group of Companies)
  9. Risk Management Procedure (Procedures to control & eliminate risks in any operations under procedure in Personal Protective Equipment for all personnel worked with SMART Group of Companies)
  10. Incident Reporting Procedure (Procedure to ensure all incidents/accidents and unsafe act/unsafe conditions must be reported in timely manner and to know how to fill the report form)
  11. HESS Training Requirements (To define HESS training requirements to ensure that all personnel under SMART Group of Companies have and maintain HESS awareness)
  12. Safe Handling, Lifting & Moving Procedure (To clearly state that how to handling, lifting and moving the loads in correct and safe positions.
  13. Safety Management Manual & Procedure for Small Vessels (To clearly define the responsibilities and roles for personnel who are involved in the operation of the SMART’s vessels.)

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