Code of Ethics / Compliance

The Code of Ethics is a tool to explain SMART Group of Companies’ legal and ethical expectations. SMART is committed to conducting to all affairs truthfully, lawfully and with integrity. This Code of Ethics is a practical and clear guide to the behavior that SMART expects from every one of its employee.


All employees are expected to read carefully, understand and familiar with SMART’s Code of Ethics and all individually responsible for following this code. By doing this, all employees will help ensure that together we do the right thing and is never embarrassed to tell our family, colleagues, media and public what we have done.


SMART’s Code of Ethics also include to treat our colleagues, partners, customers, vendors and governments officials with professionalism, mutual respect, honesty and sensitivity, encourage and practice team work.


SMART encourage you to study the Code of Ethics and most importantly, to conduct your daily actions and decisions with our Code of Ethics.

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Ms Aye Myat Thawda Htun
Compliance Manager
+959 777 005190

We consult local people to help us understand and address any concerns they may have with the deployment of our network in their communities. And also SMART scanning community needs by community meetings, plant visits, partnerships on common issues, sponsorships, and others CSR activities program based on four main sectors, education, health, environment and social welfare to remedy them. For engaging with suppliers, we make joint value creation initiatives, annual supplier meeting and inspection, and acknowledge Supplier Guiding Books and rule and regulation while working with SMART.
For dealing with Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), we participates dialogue, partnerships on common issues, memberships of business and industry associations to local and international NGOs.

About Us

One of the SMART Group of Companies , SMART Electrical Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. For well over decade, SMART has been supplying quality products and quality services to foreign customers and local customers in Myanmar. SMART has been recognized as market leader in Myanmar and has enjoyed high reputation among the customers. All the teams are headed by well experienced and competent leaders.


Each day, our teams from the 5 companies are committed to help our customers in different industries with their various needs and assure they acquires the quality products and services SMART Electrical promises to provide. We’re looking for highly motivated men and women to join our family in this effort.

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